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High-Performance Control for Demanding Applications




The ABB PEC800 is a high-performance Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) tailored for power electronics control in demanding industrial environments. It stands out due to its fast processing capabilities, model-based design integration, extensive connectivity, rugged construction, and reliable memory storage. Here’s a detailed overview of its features and specifications:

Key Features

  1. Type:
    • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): Optimized specifically for power electronics control.
  2. Performance:
    • Fast Processing: Ensures exceptional speed for real-time control applications, crucial for industries requiring immediate response and precision.
  3. Design Integration:
    • Model-Based Design: Seamlessly integrates with MATLAB®/Simulink® for advanced simulation and automatic code generation, facilitating easier design and testing.
  4. Connectivity:
    • High Connectivity: Supports up to 36 fiber-optic PowerLinks, providing extensive input/output (I/O) capabilities, enabling complex and widespread system integrations.
  5. Durability:
    • Rugged Design: Built for field installation, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for on-site industrial use.
  6. Memory:
    • Flash Memory: Uses flash memory for program and data storage, eliminating the need for battery backups, enhancing reliability, and reducing maintenance needs.

Technical Specifications

  1. Processing Speed:
    • High Speed: Exact specifications can vary by model, but the emphasis is on high-speed processing to meet the needs of demanding applications.
  2. I/O Connectivity:
    • Up to 36 Bi-directional Fiber-Optic PowerLinks: Allows for extensive and versatile connectivity options, accommodating a wide range of devices and sensors.
  3. Memory:
    • Flash Memory: Ensures reliable data and program storage without the risks

6G Controls has below ABB PEC80 Communication Interface Module for you:

ABB PPD512 3BHE040375R1010
ABB PCD230 3BHE022291R0101
ABB PCD231 3BHE025541R0101
ABB PCD235 3BHE032025R0101



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