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ABB XVC769AE101 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard New and High Quality

Brand: ABB
Model Number: XVC769AE101
Part Number: 3BHE006373R0101
Type: Control motherboard
Product Origin: China
Payment: T/T, Western Union, Credit Card
Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 50 mm
Weight: 1 kg
Certificate: CE, RoHS
Warranty: 1 year

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Welcome to the introduction of the ABB XVC769AE101 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard. This cutting-edge product offers exceptional features, versatile applications, and impressive technical specifications, making it an excellent choice for various industrial needs.


  • Reliability: The control motherboard ensures reliable performance in demanding industrial environments.
  • Advanced Processing: Equipped with a powerful processor, it enables fast and efficient data processing.
  • Expandability: The motherboard offers expansion slots for integrating additional modules and enhancing functionality.
  • Compatibility: It is designed to work seamlessly with ABB’s wide range of control systems.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The motherboard features an intuitive interface for easy configuration and monitoring.


The ABB 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard finds applications in diverse industrial sectors, including:

  • Manufacturing: It can be used in automated manufacturing processes for precise control and monitoring.
  • Energy: The motherboard contributes to efficient energy management and control in power generation plants.
  • Transportation: It plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operation and safety in transportation systems.
  • Chemical Processing: The motherboard offers precise control in chemical processing plants, ensuring optimal productivity.

Technical Specifications

The ABB 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard boasts the following technical specifications:

  • Processor: High-performance processor for fast data processing.
  • Memory: Sufficient memory capacity to handle complex control algorithms.
  • Interfaces: Multiple communication interfaces for seamless integration with other systems.
  • Operating Temperature: Wide temperature range for reliable operation in extreme conditions.
  • Dimensions: Compact design to fit into space-constrained industrial environments.


Investing in the ABB 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard offers several advantages:

  • Improved Efficiency: The advanced features enable efficient control and monitoring, leading to enhanced productivity.
  • Reliable Performance: The motherboard’s high-quality components ensure consistent and reliable operation.
  • Flexibility: It allows for customization and expansion, adapting to changing industrial requirements.
  • Cost-Effective: The long-lasting durability and minimal maintenance contribute to cost savings.


The ABB 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard is a state-of-the-art product that delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility. Its advanced features, wide range of applications, and impressive technical specifications make it an ideal choice for various industrial sectors. By investing in this control motherboard, you can achieve improved efficiency, reliability, and cost savings for your industrial processes.

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Q: What are the key features of the ABB 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard?
A: The control motherboard offers advanced processing, expandability, compatibility, and a user-friendly interface.

Q: What are the main applications of the ABB 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard?
A: The motherboard is commonly used in manufacturing, energy, transportation, and chemical processing industries.

Q: How does the ABB 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard ensure reliability?
A: The motherboard is equipped with high-quality components that guarantee consistent and reliable performance.

Q: Can the ABB 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard be integrated with other control systems?
A: Yes, the motherboard is designed to seamlessly integrate with ABB’s wide range of control systems.

Q: What are the benefits of investing in the ABB 3BHE006373R0101 Control Motherboard?
A: By investing in this motherboard, you can expect improved efficiency, reliable performance, flexibility, and cost savings.




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