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ABB 87TS50 GKWE857800R1214 Communications Module in Stock

Manufacturer :  ABB
Product No. 87TS50 GKWE857800R1214
Condition :Brand NEW & in Stock
Product Type :Communications Module
Product Origin : Switzerland (CH)
Payment :T/T, Western Union
Unit Price:USD2000
Product Net Depth / Length: 198 mm
Product Net Height: 261 mm
Product Net Width: 20 mm
Product Net Weight: 0.55 kg

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The 87TS50 module serves as a crucial interface for connecting MMI (Man-Machine Interface) systems, such as the Plant Management System (PMS), to a PROCONTROL system. Here’s a detailed breakdown of its application and features:


  • Purpose:
    • The 87TS50 module is used to facilitate communication between an MMI system and a PROCONTROL system.
    • On the computer side, this communication is managed by the CPS (Common PROCONTROL Data Server) software package.
    • On the PROCONTROL side, the 87TS50 module handles the communication.
  • Communication:
    • The CPS software controls the 87TS50 module and conditions the signals for the MMI system.
    • The 87TS50 module connects via a thin-wire Ethernet interface according to IEEE 802.3 standards.
    • Up to four 87TS50 modules can be connected to a single CPS interface.
    • These modules can be spread across different PROCONTROL systems with varying system addresses.
  • Redundancy:
    • The module supports two modes of operation:
      • Redundant Mode: In this mode, the module suppresses the sending of send-location and destination telegrams to the PROCONTROL bus, as well as the listen-in data to the CPS.
      • Partial-Redundant Mode: Similar to the redundant mode, but only suppresses the send-location and destination telegrams to the PROCONTROL bus.
    • The CPS can set or reset a diagnostic message indicating a “Bus coupling fault,” allowing for redundancy changeover due to a disturbed CPS computer.


  • Integration:
    • The 87TS50 can be plugged into any station within the PROCONTROL bus system.
    • It uses a standard interface with the PROCONTROL station bus.
  • Error Checking:
    • The module checks the received telegrams for error-free transmission based on parity bits.
  • Ethernet Interface:
    • Through its Ethernet interface, the module communicates using the TCP/IP protocol to or from the CPS.

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