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ABB 88FT05 Coupling Module Original Package in Stock

Manufacturer : ABB
Product No. :88FT05
Condition :Brand NEW & in Stock
Product Type :Coupling Module
Product Origin : Switzerland (CH)
Payment :T/T, Western Union
Warranty : 12 months
Dimension:11.43 x 8.26 x 2.54 cm

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The ABB 88FT05 is a dedicated hardware module that facilitates communication between a PROCONTROL station and a remote bus network. Let’s explore its key functionalities:


Function: Connects a PROCONTROL station bus to a remote bus, enabling data exchange.

Application: Ideal for PROCONTROL systems where remote bus communication is required, often in distributed control setups.


  • Dual Channel Support: Enables communication on one or two remote bus channels for increased flexibility.
  • RS485 Interface: Connects to the 88TK05 station bus coupling module for seamless integration.
  • Data Transfer: Bridges the gap between station bus and remote bus data.
  • Error Monitoring: Ensures data integrity through telegram distortion detection.
  • Transmission Level Measurement: Monitors telegram and noise transmitter activity for optimal performance.
  • Baseband and Noise Signal Generation: Provides essential signals for telegram transmission on the remote bus.
  • Signal Conversion: Converts remote bus bi-phase signals to RS485 interface compatible signals and vice versa.



  • The 88FT05 draws power directly from the RS485 interface, eliminating the need for a separate power supply.
  • It features built-in terminating resistors for the RS485 interface, simplifying installation.



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