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Allen Bradley 1756-OB16E Original Packaging Module in Stock

Brand: Allen Bradley
Model Number: 1756-OB16E
Part Number: 10612598137784
Type: Output module
Number of channels: 16
Output voltage: 10-31 VDC nominal
Output voltage range: 5-28 VDC
Output type: Source or sink
Isolation: Electronically fused
Connector type: Screw terminal
Size: Compact

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The Allen Bradley 1756-OB16E Original Packaging Module is a cutting-edge digital output module designed for industrial automation and control systems. In this article, we will explore its features, applications, technical specifications, and the benefits it brings to various industries.


  1. High-Quality Output: The 1756-OB16E module offers reliable and accurate digital output signals for controlling external devices.
  2. Compact Design: With its compact form factor, the module saves valuable space in control cabinets.
  3. Flexibility: It supports a wide range of applications by providing 16 output channels that can be individually configured.
  4. Diagnostic Capabilities: The module provides advanced diagnostic features, enabling quick troubleshooting and reducing downtime.
  5. Compatibility: It seamlessly integrates with other Allen Bradley controllers and modules, allowing for efficient system integration.


  1. Industrial Manufacturing: The 1756-OB16E module is ideal for controlling various industrial processes and equipment, such as motors, solenoids, and valves.
  2. Factory Automation: It can be used in automated assembly lines, packaging systems, and material handling equipment to ensure precise control and efficient operation.
  3. Energy Sector: The module finds applications in power generation and distribution systems, enabling reliable control of electrical components.
  4. Oil and Gas Industry: It is suitable for controlling pumps, compressors, and valves in oil refineries and natural gas processing plants.
  5. Water and Wastewater Management: The module helps regulate pumps, valves, and flow meters in water treatment plants and wastewater management systems.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Voltage Range: 10-30V DC
  2. Current per Point: 500 mA
  3. Output Type: Digital (sourcing)
  4. Isolation Voltage: 50V continuous, basic insulation type
  5. Backplane Current: 350 mA at 5V DC


  1. Enhanced Control: The module enables precise and reliable control of external devices, ensuring smooth operation of industrial processes.
  2. Improved Efficiency: Its compact design and flexible configuration options optimize space utilization and streamline system design.
  3. Reduced Downtime: The module’s advanced diagnostic capabilities help identify and resolve issues quickly, minimizing production downtime.
  4. Seamless Integration: The module seamlessly integrates with other Allen Bradley controllers, simplifying system integration and maintenance.
  5. Future-Proof Solution: With its compatibility and scalability, the module offers a future-proof solution that can accommodate evolving automation needs.

In conclusion, the Allen Bradley 1756-OB16E Original Packaging Module is a versatile and feature-rich digital output module that brings enhanced control, efficiency, and reliability to industrial automation and control systems. Its compact design, advanced diagnostics, and seamless integration capabilities make it a valuable asset in various industries, ensuring optimized performance and reduced downtime.

Q: Is the Allen Bradley 1756-OB16E Original Packaging Module in stock?
A: Yes, we have the Allen Bradley 1756-OB16E Original Packaging Module in stock.

Q: What is included in the original packaging of the module?
A: The original packaging of the Allen Bradley 1756-OB16E module typically includes the module itself, documentation or user manual, and any necessary accessories or connectors.

Q: Is the module brand new?
A: Yes, the Allen Bradley 1756-OB16E Original Packaging Module is brand new and comes in its original packaging.

Q: How many output points does the module have?
A: The Allen Bradley 1756-OB16E module has 16 output points.

Q: Can the module be used with other Allen Bradley ControlLogix systems?
A: Yes, the Allen Bradley 1756-OB16E module is compatible with other ControlLogix systems from Allen Bradley.




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