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Bachmann MC205 CPU Controller Module in Stock

Manufacturer: Bachmann electronic GmbH

Product No.: MC205

Condition: Brand NEW & in Stock

Product Type: CPU Controller Module

Product Origin: Austria

Payment: T/T, Western Union

Maximum rated voltage: UL-L, RMS: 480 Vrms, UL-N, RMS: 277 Vrms

Voltage measuring range: UL-L, RMS: 70 to 625 Vrms, UL-N, RMS: 36 to 361 Vrms

Accuracy 1) ≤ ±0.1 %

Continuous overload: UL-L, RMS: 680 Vrms, UL-N, RMS: 390 Vrms

Short-term overload(10×1 s, interval 10 s) :UL-L, RMS: 1039 Vrms, UL-N, RMS: 600 Vrms

Input impedance: >2 MΩ

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The Bachmann MC205 is a high-performance CPU controller module designed for demanding industrial automation applications.  Here’s a breakdown of its key features:


Industrial-grade performance:  The MC205 boasts a powerful processor that can handle complex control tasks efficiently, ensuring smooth operation in even the most challenging environments.


Scalable memory: With 1GB of RAM and expandable storage options, the MC205 provides ample capacity for your evolving automation needs. You can store and process large datasets for real-time decision making.


Flexible communication: Equipped with multiple communication interfaces, the MC205 seamlessly integrates with various industrial devices and networks. This enables efficient data exchange and remote monitoring capabilities.


Rugged construction: Built to withstand harsh industrial conditions, the MC205 features a robust design that ensures reliable operation over an extended lifespan.


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