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Bently Nevada/

Bently Nevada 3500/94M 119M6509-04 Industrial DC Power Supply

Brand: Bently Nevada

Model Number:3500/94M 119M6509-04

Type:Industrial DC Power Supply

Product Origin: USA

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Credit Card

Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 4cm

Shipping Weight:0.5 Kg

Price: USD500

Certificate: CE

Warranty: 1 years

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  • Reliable workhorse: The Bently Nevada 3500/94M 119M6509-04 Industrial DC Power Supply is a dependable solution designed to thrive in tough industrial environments.
  • Stable DC power delivery: Delivers consistent, regulated DC power to critical equipment, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Proven performer: Boasts a successful track record across various sectors, including manufacturing and energy.



High-performance Industrial DC Power Supply: Engineered for exceptional performance in industrial applications.



  • Adaptable output voltage: Provides a wide range of output voltage for versatile use in different applications.
  • Precise current control: Adjustable output current allows for fine-tuned control.
  • Enhanced safety: Built-in overload and short circuit protection safeguard equipment.
  • Easy operation: Supports local and remote monitoring for convenient operation.

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