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EPRO PR6423/013-110+CON021 Eddy Current Sensor New

Brand: Emerson/Epro

Model Number:PR6423/013-110+CON021

Type:Eddy Current Sensor

Product Origin:USA

Payment: T/T, Western Union, Credit Card

Certificate: CE, FCC

Warranty: 1 year

Dimensions: 16cm*16cm*12cm

Weight: 0.8lbs

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The EPRO PR6423/013-110 + CON021 combination provides a robust eddy current sensor solution for industrial applications. This system integrates a high-performance eddy current sensor (PR6423/013-110) with a dedicated signal conditioner module (CON021).




  • Non-contact measurement: The sensor offers precise measurement of target characteristics without physical contact.
  • Versatile target materials: Detects conductive and magnetic materials effectively.
  • Compact design: Both the sensor and conditioner boast a space-saving footprint for flexible integration.
  • Rugged construction: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments.

EPRO PR6423/013-110+CON021 Eddy Current Sensor New - Epro - 1


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