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Honeywell 8C-PAIH54 51307070-275 Analog Input Module in Stock

Manufacturer: HONEYWELL

Product No.:8C-PAIH54 51307070-275

Condition : Brand New

Product Type:Analog Input Module

Product Origin: USA

Payment:T/T, Western Union

Dimension: 6.8cm10.7cm7.8cm

Weight: 0.6 lb (0.27 kg)

Warranty: 12 months

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The Honeywell 8C-PAIH54 51307070-275 is a 16-channel analog input (AI) module, belonging to Honeywell’s Experion PKS distributed control system (DCS) family.



This specific module is an analog input (AI) module. In layman’s terms, it takes analog signals from field instruments like pressure or temperature sensors and converts them into digital signals for the DCS to understand.



  • Highly accurate and reliable: Provides precise and dependable signal conversion for critical industrial processes.
  • Supports HART protocol: Enables two-way communication between the module and intelligent field devices for diagnostics and remote configuration.
  • Compact design: Saves precious cabinet space in control systems.
  • Conformal coating: Protects the module’s electronics from moisture and dust, ensuring longevity in harsh industrial environments.

Technical Specifications


  • Number of Channels: 16
  • Input Type: Voltage, current, or temperature (depending on configuration)
  • Input Range: Varies depending on configuration
  • Accuracy: Typically ±0.25% of full scale
  • Output Signal: Digital signal for the DCS
  • HART Communication: Yes




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