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Revolutionizing Grain and Oil Industry: A Digital Odyssey Towards Sustainable Growth


In an era where the grain and oil industry grapples with diverse consumer needs and environmental imperatives, the adoption of digital technologies emerges as a linchpin for sustained growth. Schneider Electric’s proposal to digitize processes is not just a recommendation; it’s a strategic imperative for grain and oil enterprises aiming for high-quality development.

Digital Transformation for Operational Excellence:

Streamlining production line operations through the integration of hardware and software is imperative in the evolving landscape. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure open automation platform, rooted in IEC 61499 standards, offers a solution that seamlessly bridges the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), unlocking a new era of flexibility and efficiency.


Case in Point:

A multinational grain and oil processing group’s adoption of the IEC 61499 standard signifies a paradigm shift towards open automation. This not only enhances innovation but also marks a crucial step towards heightened productivity and adaptability.


Building Intelligent Grain and Oil Factories:

Data emerges as the heartbeat of optimization, and Schneider Electric provides a dual-platform solution: a data platform for comprehensive processing and analysis and a factory construction and operation platform covering digital delivery, production, warehousing, equipment, and energy management.


Data Platform:


  • EcoStruxure IoT industrial internet platform
  • AVEVA PI System big data management platform
  • AVEVA Wonderware platform

Factory Construction and Operation Platform:


  • AVEVA AIM digital delivery system
  • MOM production operations management system
  • EcoStruxure predictive maintenance advisor (PMA)
  • EMS energy management system

Strategic Guidance for Group-Level Deployment:

As the industry witnesses a shift towards concentrated production, diversified demand, and product processing upgrades, Schneider Electric extends its expertise to the group level. Consulting services, ranging from strategic planning to implementation, promise to assist clients in navigating the intricate landscape of top-level planning, supply chain optimization, lean practices, digital factory planning, and energy management.


Expert Opinion:

Having been deeply entrenched in the Chinese market for almost four decades, Schneider Electric emerges as a pivotal player in steering the grain and oil industry towards a digital future. The end-to-end digital solutions and services offered by Schneider Electric are poised to empower enterprises to build production systems that are not only safer and compliant but also intelligent and sustainable. The infusion of cutting-edge digital technologies presents an unparalleled opportunity for the grain and oil industry to not just meet the challenges of the present but to proactively embrace the opportunities of the future.



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