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Rockwell Automation’s ESG Excellence: Shaping a Sustainable Future in Industrial Automation

In a groundbreaking recognition of its commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, Rockwell Automation proudly received the “Annual Corporate ESG Practice Award” at the 2023 ESG Pioneer 60 awards. This accolade, unveiled at the 6th Interface Financial Annual Summit in Shanghai on December 20th, underscores Rockwell Automation’s global leadership in industrial automation, informatization, and digital transformation.

Driving ESG from Within: A Culture of Responsibility and Innovation


Rockwell Automation, a trailblazer in intelligent manufacturing and green technology, views advanced digital technologies as instrumental in advancing ESG goals. The company’s Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Institute, led by Director Li Dong, emphasized in his keynote speech the pivotal role of digitalization and innovation in steering industries towards sustainable development. Li Dong expressed pride in the recognition, attributing it to Rockwell’s longstanding commitment to ESG practices, notably in social responsibility and green, low-carbon development.


The company’s focus extends beyond mere product innovation. Rockwell Automation actively cultivates a corporate culture that prioritizes employee safety and responsible production. Their 2022 Sustainability Report showcased impressive achievements, including the recycling or reuse of 84% of 7,663 metric tons of waste, generating $1.9 billion in revenue from energy-efficient products, and a $10 million donation towards STEM education and inclusive community initiatives. Looking ahead, Li Dong affirmed Rockwell’s ambition to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in Scopes 1 and 2 by 2030, illustrating a steadfast commitment to a sustainable future.


ESG Integration in Industrial Ecosystems: Powering Cross-Sector Collaborations


As a key player in the productive service industry chain, Rockwell Automation actively empowers local partners, injecting momentum into cross-sector upgrades. In June, the company introduced the Rockii Net-Zero solution, tailored to local market needs, aiming to assist industry partners in achieving their green development goals. The establishment of the Rockii ESG Alliance and the release of the Rockii ESG strategic solution at the 6th China International Import Expo further highlight Rockwell’s efforts to reshape supply chains and promote green, low-carbon development in the manufacturing sector.


President Shi An emphasized the increasing significance of ESG in the evolving landscape of supply chain transitions. Rockwell’s collaboration with the Shanghai Caohejing Development Zone to establish the Caohejing Rockwell Automation Net-Zero Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center underscores their commitment to integrating sustainability into various industry chains. The center aims not only to promote technological innovation but also to foster cross-sector resources, driving sustainable development in economic industries.


Future Focus: Environmental Stewardship and Talent Development


Looking forward, Rockwell Automation remains dedicated to environmental management within its operations and across the value chain. The company commits to nurturing professionals with interdisciplinary thinking to contribute to ecological development. Simultaneously, Rockwell will continue tailoring its innovative capabilities to specific industries and customer needs, aiding ecosystem partners in achieving ESG goals and compliance with emerging regulatory requirements. This collaborative effort aims to stimulate sustainable market development, paving the way for an infinitely promising future.

Conclusion: Rockwell Automation’s ESG Odyssey


In conclusion, Rockwell Automation’s receipt of the Annual Corporate ESG Practice Award is a testament to its unwavering commitment to sustainable practices in the industrial automation sector. By intertwining ESG values with innovation, Rockwell is not just an industry leader but a catalyst for a greener, more responsible future. As they propel towards net-zero aspirations and reshape industry ecosystems, Rockwell Automation stands at the forefront of forging a path to a more sustainable and promising tomorrow.



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